Świętokrzyskie Mineral Raw Materials Mines

Świętokrzyskie Mineral Raw Materials Mines

The Kielce-based Świętokrzyskie Mineral Raw Materials Mines have been supplying calcium, magnesium and other mineral elements for decades. Here, exceptionally, mining work is carried out on the surface.

Approximately 15,000 tonnes of aggregates, i.e. over 500 trucks, leave the mine every day.

The excavations at ŚKSM go as deep as 80 metres. The largest mine is over one kilometre long

and 500 metres wide. The dolomite aggregates extracted at ŚKSM are used, among other things, to build Polish roads.

Winna Mine - the youngest and shallowest mine (it has only 3 levels).

In order for a loader to be able to load the excavated rock, the rock is first crushed using explosives.

Since 1974 the Laskowa Góra mine has been exploiting a deposit of Devonian dolomites - it is the most interesting mine in terms of its geological structure.