Krasiczyn castle

The pearl of the Polish Renaissance is the castle in Krasiczyn located in the south-eastern of Poland. It is a magical place which hosted the kings of the Republic of Poland - Sigismund III Vasa, Władysław IV and John Casimir.

The landscape of the castle is decorated with a picturesque park with 200 species of trees and bushes from all over the world.

Within the castle grounds, there is a chapel in Baszta Boska, which is one of the most valuable religious buildings in Poland - you can admire numerous paintings and bas-reliefs on biblical themes.

The distinctive feature of the Krasiczyn castle are the ornaments on its facades, the so-called sgrafitto, i.e. silhouettes of Polish kings and Roman emperors. It is also worth noticing that each of the attics crowning the facade is of a different fine shape.