Kłodawa Salt Mine

Kłodawa Salt Mine

The loaders working underground have wheels about the height of a tall adult, and loading takes place 750 metres below the surface.

In this, the deepest Polish mine, the purest rock salt in the world is mined. Apart from deposits of white salt, there are also deposits of unique pink salt, the only one of its kind in Europe.

The length of all underground mining voids in Kłodawa (galleries and chambers) on the mining levels is similar to the total length of all lines of the New York underground - about 400 kilometres.

About 30,000 tonnes of road salt can be stored in one of the warehouses of the Kłodawa Salt Mine.

In order to fully empty its contents, it is necessary to load 1,250 trucks.

If the salt, which is loaded on the truck, was packed in one-kilo bags, it would be possible to make a 3.5-kilometre line out of them.