Industrial Development Agency JSC

Industrial Development Agency JSC

Industrial Development Agency is a joint stock company supervised by the Prime Minister with 100% Treasury shareholding.

Since it began operations in 1991, it has been actively supporting Polish industry. The nature of the assistance has always been tailored to the current economic needs. In the past, IDA JSC focused on processes of modernisation, restructuring and consolidation of industrial enterprises. As a result, it has saved thousands of jobs by modernising large and medium-sized enterprises.

Industrial Development Agency S.A. has always been an initiator and executor of tasks of great importance for the economy, enterprises and local communities. One example was the creation and development of the first special economic zone in Mielec. A zone which saved the Mielec region from economic crisis. Today, IDA JSC supervises three EURO-PARKS: in Mielec, Tarnobrzeg and Kobierzyce.

For 30 years, IDA JSC has been gathering unique experience in cooperation with many entities, from state institutions, state-owned companies, universities and research centres, through large, medium and small enterprises, to capital funds.

IDA JSC's main objective is to support companies in their development, whether through loans, restructuring or making investment land available in special economic zones. Today, in addition to the aforementioned products, IDA JSC conducts innovative projects, transfers technology, leases machinery and equipment, and develops business exports.

IDA S.A. holds assets in over 70 companies, and in approximately 50 of them it holds majority stakes. These companies are part of the IDA Group and operate mainly in the following industries: shipbuilding, railway, metal, mining, foundry, modernization and machine construction, packaging, textile and tourism.