Dec. 4, 2023, 10 a.m.
ARP S.A. at the European Hydrogen Week in Brussels
Oct. 13, 2023, noon
ORLEN Group to acquire transport vessels for OWE with the support from IDA JSC
Oct. 13, 2023, noon
Offshore wind tower factory in Gdansk, Baltic Towers, with support from the Polish Investment Zone
Oct. 13, 2023, 11 a.m.
Industrial Development Agency JSC invests in Suchedniów
Aug. 31, 2023, 1 p.m.
The Industrial Development Agency JSC together with the strategic partner GRI Renewable Industries, S.L. and Baltic Towers Sp. z o.o starts the implementation of a new investment to support the development of Offshore Wind Energy in Poland.
July 27, 2023, 1 p.m.
Polish Green Fund by ARP - the first green infrastructure fund in Poland
July 19, 2023, 2 p.m.
Industrial Development Agency JSC launches New Central Industrial District project
July 17, 2023, 4 p.m.
Industrial Development Agency JSC co-develops Central Hydrogen Valley
July 10, 2023, 4 p.m.
Industrial Development Agency JSC ready to cooperate in the construction of a Deepwater Container Terminal in Świnoujście
June 19, 2023, 3:22 p.m.
Industrial Development Agency JSC and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency together are working on the largest direct foreign investment in Poland's history
March 13, 2023, 4 p.m.
Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. will create green assets investment fund
Jan. 19, 2023, 4 p.m.
Wind towers for the Baltic Sea will be built in Gdańsk