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Support for the exporters

Do you need support in exporting your products or services? Apply to one of the seven Business Assistance Centres and use the International Desk service.

How does the exporter support International Desk work?

International Desk focuses services of companies belonging to the Polish Development Fund Group, i.e. PAIH, KUKE, PARP, BGK, PFR TFI, and Fundusz Ekspansji Zagranicznej PFR TFI.

Our activities are not only instruments from PFR Group offer - we also support establishing direct relations with partners in the country and abroad.

We combine the interests of the public and private sectors.

We exchange information on markets and contractors between companies of the State Treasury and the SME sector. In this area we make use of the unique competences of the ARP Capital Group, which manages an extensive portfolio of companies from many sectors of the economy: from steel structures, through the engineering industry, to gaming and space technologies.

Thanks to the International Desk service an entrepreneur has the opportunity to obtain:

  • export production financing by ARP S.A.
  • export insurance with KUKE (Export Credit Insurance Corporation)
  • identification of a foreign contractor by PAIH,
  • support in competence development and financing of foreign promotion in PARP,
  • handling of letters of credit and securing the exchange rate risk in BGK,
  • capital involvement in foreign expansion from the Foreign Expansion Fund of PFR TFI.
Circle in the background
Circle in the background

Where to apply?

You need to fill in a questionnaire and send it to the Business Service Centre (Centrum Obsługi Przedsiębiorców) relevant to the place where your company is based.

This can be done in two ways:

  • on-line - by filling in the contact form with our expert (below),
  • by filling in the attached questionnaire and delivering it to one of our Business Assistance Centres.