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National Heritage

ARP S.A. is the owner and manager of two castle and park complexes: in Krasiczyn (since 1996) and in Baranów Sandomierski (since 1997). As the owner of both of these exceptional sites, we take care of their maintenance and proper development.

The challenges undertaken by ARP S.A. include not only running, managing and supervising historic castle and park complexes, but also taking care of a historical point stimulating local tourism and related entrepreneurship. These are also activities aimed at preserving Poland's cultural heritage, promoting its history and traditions. With the intention of achieving these goals, ARP S.A. became the founder of the PRO ARTE HISTORIA Foundation established in 2014 and based in Krasiczyn. The tasks of the foundation include:

  • care for monuments,
  • protection of cultural assets and art,
  • environmental protection,
  • support of tourism and sightseeing,
  • management of the real estate located in Baranów Sandomierski,
  • promotion, care and protection of historic Castle and Park Complexes in Baranów Sandomierski and Krasiczyn and promotion of them as objects of particular cultural heritage.

ARP S.A. together with the PRO ARTE HISTORY Foundation take care both of keeping the castles in perfect condition and of the modern tourist bases as well as the history and culture centres established there.