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ARP Games

ARP Games sp. z o.o. is the only video games accelerator in Poland, supporting, both substantively and financially, young game developers and startups operating in the video games market. The company was established in 2016 by ARP S.A. and SPIN-US sp. z o.o. - a special purpose vehicle of the University of Silesia - and the County of Cieszyn.


The axis of activity of ARP Games sp. z o.o. is determined by the competitions announced twice a year, which are entered by teams creating video games. The creators receive professional support, and the best ones can count on releasing their productions.

As part of the Acceleration Programme, ARP Games sp. z o.o. offers financial support as well as substantive, technical and accommodation support. A team participating in the programme can count on maximum PLN 20 thousand. to the project in the first stage. The total value of support provided under the acceleration programme has so far amounted to over PLN 1,351,000. The teams participate in specialist business training, they can also use the company's office space.

All projects receive the support of an industry mentor, who is selected individually to the needs of the creators. The cooperation with a mentor is carried out in the first stage of acceleration. Ultimately, the team aims to prepare a playable demo version of the project. This is the basis for the evaluation after the first stage of the programme.

The best ones, who have made it to the second stage of the programme, start the process of finding a publisher. With the help and support of ARP Games sp. z o.o., and also thanks to ARP S.A., partners of the programme hold a series of business talks, participate in trade fairs and industry conferences and promote the project, actively seeking partners for further cooperation.

The first games developed under the Acceleration Programme were released in 2019. In total, six new companies have been created so far thanks to the ARP Games Acceleration Programme.