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Anti-Inflationary Loan with EFG guarantee

If you are looking for funding to mitigate the negative effects of inflation, apply to ARP S.A. You can easily calculate the loan in the parameterizer. You will sign the contract in the Entrepreneur Service Centre.


  • a loan to mitigate the negative effects of inflation, granted under a working capital formula to finance current operations (the financing of increased costs of raw materials and consumables, production costs, transport) and under an investment formula to finance the completion of ongoing investments (the financing of increased investment costs);
  • MSE companies with a turnover of more than 4 million PLN, not in a difficult situation at the end of 2019, with positive results for 2021. (positive EBITDA and net result), keeping full accounts that meet the criteria for inclusion in the portfolio guarantee of the Pan-European Guarantee Fund (EGF);
  • loan amount: from PLN 0.8 million to PLN 10 million
  • currency: PLN;
  • period of financing:
  • up to 48 months for a working capital loan (grace period for capital repayment of up to 3 months);
  • up to 120 months for an investment loan (grace period for capital repayment until the investment is completed/started);
  • disbursement of the loan: as a one-off payment or in tranches;
  • repayment of the loan principal: in equal instalments. First capital instalment payable 1 month after the end of the grace period for capital repayment;
  • interest rate: WIBOR 1M + margin (according to the margin grid used in the loan parameterizer);
  • lending commission:
  • 0 % - for applications submitted between 01.01.2022r. - 31.03.2022r.;
  • 0.2% - for applications submitted after 31.03.2022;
  • no commissions: for application processing, on unused loan amount, on early repayment;
  • costs of collateral in the form of European Guarantee Fund guarantee (0.2% p.a.) shall be borne by ARP S.A.;
  • collateral: 70% coverage by a portfolio guarantee under the EFG Pan-European Guarantee Fund, other tangible collateral (mortgage - acceptable entries in a place other than the first, registered pledge on machinery and equipment) will constitute no more than 50% of the loan amount calculated at market value,
  • additional collateral: statement on submission to enforcement pursuant to Article 777 of the Civil Procedure Code, other.

The application should be submitted online via the website arp-tarcza.pl or in the standard version.

Before you submit the application, contact the nearest Entrepreneur Service Centre.