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IDA JSC strategy for 2023-2025 with an outlook to 2030 | ARP S.A. Clean Industry

IDA JSC Clean Industry

Clean industry is a new development paradigm. It is the industry of the energy transition era - low-carbon and green. Clean industry is also about clean principles: integrity, transparency, clear terms of cooperation. Finally, clean industry is an indication of the direction for the future. Moving forward, we focus on the core of our business: industrial development.


IDA JSC - who we are?

IDA JSC which began operations in January 1991, is a joint stock company under the supervision of the Prime Minister (with 100% participation of the State Treasury). IDA JSC combines public and business activities.

Circle in the background
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We are building a leadership position in three strategic areas of the economy:

  • Hydrogen Economy and Offshore Wind Energy
  • Industrial parks and Special Economic Zones
  • Industrial investment financing
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  • To act locally and responsibly
  • To strengthen the Polish economy in the long term
  • To follow the policy of responsible development
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Circle in the background


  • Energy transformation for building clean industry
  • Creation of strategically important industry at local level
  • Modernisation of the Polish economy on the basis of Polish apital
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Strategic areas

Clean industry in ARP S.A.

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