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Cezariusz Lesisz - President of the Board

Cezariusz Lesisz is a graduate of the Faculty of Finance and Management at the Wroclaw School of Banking. He graduated with a master's degree in Finance and Accounting and a postgraduate degree in Law for a Manager. He also studied Civil Engineering at the Wrocław University of Technology. Mr Lesisz passed an exam for supervisory board members of State Treasury companies.

For over 20 years he has worked for small and medium businesses in Poland and the USA. He has many years of experience in running a business, managing organisational units and supervising commercial companies. He also worked in the banking sector (BZ WBK S.A.) and in government administration (Ministry of Finance). Thanks to many years of professional experience, Mr Lesisz is competent to manage business processes in enterprises, negotiate and implement restructuring, development and innovation projects. He also has extensive knowledge of the specifics of American social and economic processes.

From December 2016 to November 2018, he was a member of the Supervisory Board of the Industrial Development Agency S.A., while in 2017-2018 he chaired the Supervisory Board of Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z o.o. From 01.09.2019 he has been a member of the Supervisory Board of KGHM Metraco S.A.


Mateusz Berger - Vice president of the Board

Mateusz Berger is an attorney at law, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. For many years he worked as a lawyer - in a Warsaw law firm and then in the Legal Department of PKO BP. He also served as Director of the Department of Supervised and Subordinate Units in the Ministry of Development and Director of the State Treasury Department in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

He has extensive experience in investment financing, corporate governance and legal aspects of commercial law companies.

From May 2017 to April 2020, he was a member of the supervisory board of the Industrial Development Agency S.A.


Sebastian Dąbski - Vice president of the Board

Sebastian Dąbski is a graduate of the Faculty of Management and Marketing at the University of Łódź. He has many years of professional experience in various areas of management, supervision and business audit, which he gained while holding managerial positions in strategic companies of the State Treasury, private sector enterprises and listed companies, including Unimil SA, PKN Orlen SA and Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z o.o.

Sebastian Dębski is competent in the field of sales management, in particular improvement of company process efficiency, as well as management of distribution channels, sales instruments, product and market development and creation and implementation of marketing strategies. His interests also include issues related to supply chain optimisation, change management and business negotiations.

Sebastian Dąbski

Łukasz Gałczyński - Member of the Supervisory Board temporarily performs function as Vice president of the Board