Industrial Development Agency JSC invests in Suchedniów

Date of posting: 2023-10-13

ARP Budownictwo, a company owned by Industrial Development Agency JSC is opening a modern prefabricate plant in Suchedniów. The investment will be developed in place of the 'Marywil' plant, which was taken over by IDA S.A. in 2019. The factory will employ at least 100 people.

The Industrial Development Agency JSC announced that investment in Suchedniów already several years ago. After the bankruptcy of Zakłady Wyrobów Kamionkowych "Marywil", the town was under the threat of economic downfall. Thanks to IDA S.A., which bought "Marywil" from its insolvency administrator, a new investment will be developed in Suchedniów, giving the city a chance for further development.

- The Industrial Development Agency works in line with the government's Strategy for Responsible Development. We invest not only in large national projects, but also support local initiatives. There is great potential in provincial Poland, but that potential is too often neglected. Provincial Poland needs patient and long-term-thinking investors - and that what Industrial Development Agency is," stressed Cezariusz Lesisz, President of the Management Board of the Industrial Development Agency JSC.

The prefabricate plant in Suchedniów will be one of the most modern in Europe. The factory will manufacture prefabricated elements for industrial, service, commercial, office, warehouse and residential buildings.
For the production of prefabricated elements, the plant will use technologically advanced anti-smog concrete. Around 100 people will find employment at the factory.

- In Suchedniów, the area of the former 'Marywil' was referred to as an 'abandoned zone'. All that was left of the prosperous plants were ruins. Without IDA's support, Suchedniów would have been condemned to unemployment and economic downfall. We had to do a huge amount of work here to tidy up the area after what was left of 'Marywil' and put up a new factory practically from scratch. This investment will bring far more than economic gain - it is one of many that the IDA is conducting which guarantee, apart from economic development, social development," adds President Lesisz.

A letter was sent to the inauguration of the Suchedniów factory by the Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki.

- For several years, the IDA has been showing how to effectively combine local action with global approach. On the one hand, it supports entrepreneurship in small and medium-sized cities; on the other, it works to attract large foreign investments and implements strategic business projects on a national scale. This is what sustainable development looks like in practice - ambitious, leaning into the future, and at the same time sensitive to ensuring that everyone benefits from its fruits, the head of government pointed out in the letter.

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