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European Guarantee Fund

If you are an SME entrepreneur and do not have sufficient tangible assets to secure a loan, you can benefit from the security offered by a portfolio guarantee under the Pan-European Guarantee Fund.

Loan products backed by a portfolio guarantee from the Pan-European Guarantee Fund

The overall objective of the facility is to mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • the EGF guarantee is public aid - analogous to Temporary Framework 3.1 (Temporary Framework), which means that the Borrower must comply with a number of eligibility criteria (exclusions concerning the type of activity, assets financed)
  • the aid may not exceed EUR 800,000. EUR - (restrictions for agriculture and fisheries: EUR 100- 120,000).
  • companies with a turnover of more than 4 million PLN, not in a difficult situation at the end of 2019, with positive results for 2020. (positive EBITDA and net result), keeping full accounts
  • purpose of financing: working capital or investment loan
  • loan amount: from PLN 0.8 million to PLN 5 million
  • financing in PLN
  • transaction period from 3 months to 7 years - for most financing
  • grace period up to 15 months
  • market interest rate: WIBOR 1M + margin according to the margin grid used in the loan parametriser
  • preparatory commission from 0.2%,
  • no commission for processing the application
  • guarantee costs are incurred by ARP S.A.
  • availability period of the facility - until 31.12.2021 - last date of signing the agreement
  • loan collateral: 70% of the loan amount - EFG portfolio guarantee, up to 50% of the loan amount mortgage or pledge on fixed assets, supplementary collaterals: blank promissory note with promissory note declaration, statement on submission to execution under Article 777 of the Civil Procedure Code.

The application should be submitted online via the website arp-tarcza.pl or in the standard version.

Before you submit the application, contact the nearest Entrepreneur Service Centre.