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Mining industry

The Katowice Branch of the ARP S.A. monitors changes occurring in the hard coal and lignite mining sector. It conducts public statistical research in this respect. Aggregated sector data pertain to mining output and production, sales and its directions, coal prices and stocks, quality, environmental impact of operations, data on mechanical coal processing and methane management.

Circle in the background
Circle in the background

The activities of the Katowice branch of the ARP S.A. include:

  • monitoring changes in the mining sector,
  • supporting government administration in the field of mining,
  • publication of studies,
  • supporting initiatives for development of post-mining areas,
  • supporting transformation of the fuel and energy sector.

The tasks of the Branch also include monitoring the disbursement of budgetary funds for processes related to the liquidation of hard coal, sulphur and salt mines.

The mission of the Katowice Branch of the ARP S.A. is to provide substantive support to government administration bodies in making strategic decisions in the area of the hard coal mining sector and to strengthen the brand of the Katowice Branch of the ARP S.A. as a professional centre for monitoring key processes connected with changes in the mining sector.

Polish Coal Market

We support entities of the fuel and energy sector by providing services that help them make rational economic decisions and implement solutions enabling development, gaining competitive advantage and increasing efficiency.

Polish Coal Market is an Internet centre of specialised information on hard coal mining in Poland. It is a place where the Industrial Development Agency (ARP S.A.) provides cross-sectional information on the coal mining sector - both historical and most current, aggregated on an ongoing basis from all companies and mines operating on the Polish mining market.

The portal publishes the latest publicly available dynamic data on coal output, sales and inventories, as well as information on employment in the sector. The portal also provides access to periodical reports, historical and current analyses of supply-demand relations, including those regarding domestic and imported coal, sales prices and economic and financial data for the hard coal sector.

The portal also publishes monthly Power Coal Market Indices, which are a group of price indices of benchmark power coal, produced by domestic producers and sold on the domestic power market (PCSMI 1 Index) and on the domestic heat market (PCSMI 2 Index).

Innovative Coal Forum

The Innovative Coal Forum is an information platform aimed at popularising clean coal technologies, thanks to which coal can be an environmentally and socially friendly fuel.

The Innovative Coal Forum includes:

  • analyses and studies on the applicability of clean coal technologies on a regional and local scale,
  • assessments and reports on regional energy security strategies in terms of the feasibility of clean coal technologies,
  • information on methods of coal transport and processing,
  • data on the reduction of emissions of harmful substances produced during coal combustion,
  • opinions on the possibilities of coal management in a way that minimises its impact on the environment.

The Innovative Coal Forum covers both the issues of coal gasification and its chemical processing, as well as the possibilities of using ecological coal in the combustion process (including the so-called eco-peas and smokeless coals, which has a significant impact on improving the natural environment). The results of these analyses, as well as the status of national projects, are communicated to the relevant ministries.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Technology Transfer Platform, the Innovative Coal Forum provides information on available technologies, offered by experts and Forum partners. The information included in the platform also refers to the possibilities of gaining financial support for the implementation of projects in the field of research, technology transfer and specialist consultancy.