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The companies belonging to the ARP S.A. Capital Group are dynamically operating enterprises, leaders in the railway industry. Thanks to investments and constant development they continuously expand their business offers, offering competitive, modern and increasingly attractive services and products.

Companies of the ARP S.A. Capital Group

Railway companies which belong to the ARP S.A. Capital Group are: POLREGIO sp. z o.o., H. Cegielski - Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych sp. z o.o, Euroterminal Sławków sp. z o.o. and Terminale Przeładunkowe Sławków - Medyka.


POLREGIO sp. z o.o. is the leading rail carrier on the market. Every day it launches up to 1900 trains connecting all provinces and Poland with foreign countries: Belarus, Germany, Slovakia and Lithuania, where it operates as the only Polish carrier.

The company employs over 6600 employees and is the biggest Polish passenger carrier (market share is 27%). About 88 million passengers use POLREGIO's services every year.

The company cares for easy and fast access to its services. POLREGIO, thanks to cooperation with Internet partners (BILKOM, KOLEO, e-podroznik, SkyCash), allows via the website to check the timetable, map connections, buy tickets online and follow the news.

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Services of POLREGIO and carriers cooperating with the company are also available via mobile applications. An innovative project was the development and introduction to the Polish market of the "Journey without barriers" platform which enables persons with reduced mobility to plan a train journey and order assistance. It is possible to pay by credit card on all POLREGIO trains.

In 2015, ARP S.A. took over the majority of shares in the company and started implementing a several-year restructuring plan. An appropriate strategy was introduced, taking into account passengers' expectations and market realities. After introducing changes, including investment in rolling stock modernisation, the company managed to regain profitability.

Details of the POLREGIO offer can be found onstronie internetowej spółki.

H. Cegielski - Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych

H. Cegielski - Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych is a leading rail vehicle manufacturer on the Polish market. It is a company with long tradition and experience handed down from generation to generation.

Apart from continuous development and implementation of innovative solutions, the company cares for safety and comfort of both passengers and employees. The reliability of wagons and locomotives produced by H. Cegielski is ensured by a professional team of designers, constructors and technologists.



The factory manufactures various types of carriages: configurable, first and second class, compartmental and free of compartment, for people with reduced mobility, for business class, restaurant cars, sleeping cars, with the possibility of carrying bicycles.

The company's products are a response to the demand of carriers expecting modern vehicles capable of operating on all railway routes.

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In the years 2012-2020, 59 modern passenger carriages and 122 modernised passenger carriages with higher comfort, produced at the H. Cegielski factory, went out on tracks. Also 20 electric multiple units of higher standard were put into service.

All coaches produced at the H. Cegielski Railway Vehicles Factory are distinguished by high standard and quality and modern technical solutions. The vehicles are equipped with intelligent on-board diagnostics system, air conditioning, electronic passenger information system (including seat reservation) as well as Braille markings for the blind. They are distinguished by modern design and interior arrangement. The trains can travel at speeds of up to 200 km/h.

Details of the offer of Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych H. Cegielskiego can be found on the company's website.

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Polski Tabor Szynowy

Polski Tabor Szynowy sp. z o.o. was established as an operational element (Special Purpose Vehicle - SPV) of the ARP S.A. Capital Group.

The main reason for establishing this company was to finance the completion of a contract by H. Cegielski - Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych sp. z o.o. (FPS) of 2008 for PKP Intercity S.A. This realisation mainly concerned the completion of production of 3 units of class I compartment wagons type 156A.



This is a unique entity on the Polish railway market, whose aim is to introduce modern rail passenger transport through the lease or sale of vehicles. Polski Tabor Szynowy allows carriers to use the latest solutions in this industry while minimising financial costs. Polski Tabor Szynowy is owned by ARP S.A.


The company owns 12 electric multiple units (EMUs) leased to railway operators, including the EN57 Feniks vehicles - electric multiple units of the latest standard and innovative technical and visual solutions produced by H. Cegielski Railway Vehicles Factory.

Details of the offer of Polski Taboru Szynowego sp. z o.o. can be found onthe company's website.


Euroterminal Sławków

Euroterminal Sławków sp. z o.o. and Terminale Przeładunkowe Sławków-Medyka are companies which were established as terminal complexes at the end of the broad-gauge metallurgical line. They provide logistic services to such clients as: logistic operators, forwarders, carriers, as well as companies from mining, energy and iron and steel production sectors. The scope of Euroterminal's activities includes reloading operations, yard storage, rail transport, truck forwarding and other forwarding services.


The companies have over 10 years of experience in intermodal transshipment and bulk commodities such as coke, coal and steel.

In 2020, intermodal transshipments reached more than 200,000 TEUs, and Euroterminal has a strong track record in the handling of bulk goods such as coke, coal and steel. TEU, and Euroterminal Sławków handled over 1,200 intermodal trains.

These were mainly trains from and to the DCT Gdańsk Container Terminal (over 600 trains per year ) and from and to intermodal terminals in Italy (over 160 trains per year). In addition, in 2020 ES handled 36 Chinese trains operated on the broad gauge line.

The terminals are located near the intersection of the most important pan-European transport corridors, within the Upper Silesian Industrial District. It is a location at the junction of broad-gauge and standard-gauge railways, and at the same time the westernmost point of the broad-gauge railways at a distance of 400 km from the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Detailed information on Euroterminal's offer is available on the company's website.