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The Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone (TSSE) EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN is located in a strategic point of the country - the communication system is directly connected with A2 and A4 motorways, Via Carpatia and the Wide Gauge Metallurgical Line (sidings and loading stations).


Every entrepreneur can check their investment opportunities on their own. A special qualifier tool allows you to calculate the amount of your own contribution to the investment and the tax allowances you are entitled to.

  • Calculate your possibilities quickly.
  • Choose your target business location.
  • Find out how much public aid you can apply for.


The TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN was established in 1997. Pursuant to the Act on Supporting New Investments, as of 2018, the TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN has been assigned to manage the areas of 35 counties, located in the Podkarpackie, Lubelskie and Mazowieckie Voivodeships, as well as an area of 760 ha, located in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship, within the Wrocław Poviat.

The objective of the TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN is to increase economic activity of the areas by utilising the existing investment advantages of these areas and to develop co-operation links within the zone and its immediate surroundings.


Activities of the investment zone

The activities of the area's management are intended to stimulate the development of Polish entrepreneurship and encourage investment in Poland under the government's Polish Investment Zone programme.

Under the new legislation, i.e. the Act on Support for New Investments, each zone manager is allocated an area where they carry out the tasks specified in the Act. TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN The TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN covers the Lubelskie Voivodeship (poviats: Biała, Biłgorajski, Chełmski, Hrubieszowski, Janowski, Krasnostawski, Kraśnicki, Łęczyński, Łukowski, Opolski, Parczewski, Radzyński, Rycki, Tomaszowski, Włodawski, Zamojski, and cities with poviat rights: Biała Podlaska, Chełm, Zamość), Podkarpackie voivodship (poviats: niżański, przemyski, stalowowolski, tarnobrzeski, and cities with poviat rights: Przemyśl, Tarnobrzeg) Mazovia Province (districts: Białobrzeski, Garwoliński, Grójecki, Kozienicki, Lipski, Miński, Siedlecki, Zwoleński, and cities with poviat rights: Radom, Siedlce) and an area of 760 ha, located in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in the Wrocław Poviat (demarcated area).

The Act on supporting new investments, in force since 29 June 2018, enables entrepreneurs to obtain public aid in the form of income tax exemptions. Obtaining this type of aid by an entrepreneur implementing a new investment depends mainly on the subject matter of the planned investment and the fulfilment of quantitative (incurring qualified costs in a certain amount associated with the unemployment rate and the size of the entrepreneur) and qualitative criteria, described in detail in the regulation on public aid.

The new regulations allow the investor to indicate the place of realisation of his investment. Special support can be provided to companies that contribute to the growth of innovation in the Polish economy. The basis for benefiting from this type of public aid is a decision on support, issued by the area manager under the authority of the competent minister for economy.

ARP S.A. invests in modern and efficient infrastructure and extends the offer of investment areas in the areas it manages, as well as constantly improves the quality of its services.

Services and support for investors are conducted at many levels. ARP S.A. promotes entrepreneurs and cooperates with, inter alia, clusters, educational institutions and local authorities in order to promote industries, create a good climate for locating new investments within the framework of activities undertaken by clusters of which ARP S.A. is a member, as well as to develop professional education tailored to the needs of investors.

ARP S.A. actively cooperates with local and regional authorities in order to guarantee investors efficient implementation of new projects.

Circle in the background
Circle in the background


It covers 28 poviats and 7 cities with poviat rights, located on fully developed land, prepared for full use by investors, near convenient transport hubs.

It has PLN 14.47 billion of investment outlays.It allows income tax exemption for entrepreneurs (CIT or PIT) implementing a new investment and real estate tax exemption.

It offers 33,170 jobs, institutional support for extensions, improvements in infrastructure and access to markets, as well as improvements in access to workers.

It engages nearly 200 entrepreneurs, offering them information and substantive support, professional service at every stage of investment, cooperation with other investors and the TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN manager, cooperation with local authorities, business support institutions, road administrators and media operators, coordination of construction and development of the necessary infrastructure, issuing of technical agreements, creation of purchasing groups.

It has 43,914 sqm of new production and storage halls with office space, and has issued over 450 permits and decisions.

It primarily supports the following industries: automotive, electronics, furniture, construction, aluminium processing and building materials production.