Open Innovation Network

We finance the purchase of innovations from all over the world in the framework of the grant project Open Innovation Network for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises.


Competition 5 ran from 8 October to 15 December 2021. During the competition 92 Grant Applications were submitted. Due to the rules of the competition, 13 applications for the grant for technology transfer did not receive a positive recommendation at the stage of formal assessment, therefore, at the moment of closing the call the counter of submitted applications stopped at 79. The total value of co-financing applied for by entrepreneurs amounted to PLN 33.363.479,76.

ARP S.A. is not planning to launch a new competition under the Open Innovation Network project.

Companies can apply for reimbursement of up to 70% of the value of the purchase of technology worth up to EUR 200,000. The funds are obtained from the EU Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020 I component Measure 2.2 Open Innovations - support for technology transfer.

Who can be a technology donor?

A technology donor can be a natural or legal person, a scientific or organisational unit without legal personality, regardless of citizenship or registered office, foreign entities, both from the territory of the European Union member states and from outside, holding the rights to the technology, as well as an entity authorised to dispose of rights to the technology (distributor).

Benefits for technology recipients:

  • possibility of refinancing (cash refund) up to 85% of the value of eligible costs,
  • reduction of transaction risk thanks to expert support,
  • increased competitiveness of the company.

Benefits for technology donors:

  • widening of the sales market,
  • maintaining high quality innovative solutions with reduced transaction costs,
  • facilitation of negotiations due to reliable valuation.
Circle in the background
Circle in the background


orientation towards product or process innovation

Technology readiness level TRL 7 or higher

the subject of the project is included in at least one of the National Intelligent Specialisations

presence and application of the innovation on the domestic market for no longer than 3 years

presence and application of the innovation on the international market for not longer than 5 years

Start of the project after submitting the application


The Open Innovation Network provides refinancing of purchase of property rights or licenses to technologies in the form of intangible assets of innovative nature, such as:

  • patents or patent applications,
  • utility models or applications for utility models
  • industrial designs or applications for industrial designs,
  • copyrights to software (excluding software for administrative operations)
  • rights to protected plant varieties,
  • topographies of integrated circuits,
  • know-how.

Eligible costs include only the costs of purchasing technology, i.e. the cost of purchasing or obtaining a licence for technology. The cost of technology implementation is not covered by the grant. Eligible costs in the project are also not: VAT, employee salaries, subcontractor salaries, employee training, pre-implementation analysis or purchase of other fixed assets necessary for implementation.

The maximum subsidy value of the project is EUR 200,000.

Within the project, an entrepreneur can implement product or process innovations in his company. The implementation of a new or significantly improved method of production or delivery can, in the opinion of the companies, in a fairly short time translate into a decrease in unit production costs, reduction of the execution time of individual production stages, elimination of bottlenecks or improvement of the quality of provided services and offered products.