The Industrial Development Agency JSC together with the strategic partner GRI Renewable Industries, S.L. and Baltic Towers Sp. z o.o starts the implementation of a new investment to support the development of Offshore Wind Energy in Poland.

Date of posting: 2023-08-31

On August 31, 2023, the construction of a new offshore wind towers factory in Gdańsk, was inaugurated. This investment marks a significant step towards strengthening Poland's position in the field of renewable energy. The inauguration ceremony for this event gathered numerous guests from the wind energy sector as well as representatives from local and national authorities.

The construction of a new offshore wind towers factory in Gdańsk, a joint venture between IDA JSC, the Spanish company GRI Renewable Industries, S.L. and a company established for the implementation of the investment - Baltic Towers sp. z o.o., is set to contribute significantly to the progress of the wind energy sector in Poland. Within this new investment, located in Gdańsk with the quay access, a production hall will be built for manufacturing offshore wind towers, designed for the largest planned wind turbines with a capacity above 15 MW. The new production facility, designed and constructed in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards, will have production capacity to manufacture over 150 towers annually. The new plant will meet the highest technical, quality and environmental standards set by key customers on the Offshore Wind Energy market.

Thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions already at the project stage, the newly built facility will be friendly to both employees and the environment. Over 500 highly qualified jobs will be created in the modern and emerging sector of the offshore wind energy market.

Offshore wind energy is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors in the energy industry. Both the dynamic economic situation driven by the European energy policy, the energy transformation processes being implemented in Poland, and the adopted legal act on the promotion of electricity generation in offshore wind farms are aimed at significantly increasing the share of renewable energy in energy generation. These conditions justify the investment decisions being made, which not only cater to market demand but also contribute to enhancing energy security in Poland and Europe.

It's important to highlight that the new investment aligns well with the concept of "local content," which is an important element of the transformation and acceleration of the Polish economy. This concept involves modernizing and developing the economy in line with Polish economic interests, as well as engaging in the development of the local community.

The effects of this investment will be visible and noticeable at the local level, supporting the development of local resources and contributing to the creation of a long - lasting heritage for the community of Gdańsk and beyond.

Undoubtedly, the new investment will bring about a positive transformation in the existing landscape of Gdańsk, especially in the areas surrounding the Gdańsk Shipyard.

The new investment will become a part of the economic landscape of the Tri-City for years, restoring industrial functions in the area of ​​the southern end of the island of Ostrów.

Jon Riberas - Chairman of GRI Renewable Industries said: “GRI is very proud to participate in this major wind energy project in Poland towards sustainability and carbon neutrality. This joint venture in Poland will create a world leader in the offshore market that will contribute to reach the ambitious targets for installed renewable energy in the next decade”.

“‘The reconstruction of Poland’s industrial potential is a long-term priority of The Industrial Development Agency JSC. The agency’s new strategy will contribute to investments in energy transformation. I am convinced that the construction of the offshore wind turbine factory in Gdańsk will put wind in the sails of the entire Polish economy. This project combines both economic interests and strategic energy security of Poland and Europe”, added Cezariusz Lesisz, President of the Management Board of the Industrial Development Agency JSC.

The groundbreaking ceremony was a symbolic event marking the beginning of the factory's construction, which is set to become a significant element, by the second quarter of 2025, in the renewable energy landscape in Poland and Europe.

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