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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, is a change in the way companies operate, and consequently the whole economy. Digitalization, automation, robotisation lead to improved efficiency and speed of reaction to the changing needs of consumers.


Companies that are "digitalised", offer higher quality at lower prices, take over customers from competitors and then the best employees, further strengthening their advantage.

Industrial Development Agency JSC supports the development of innovative enterprises. It engages in modern industry sectors such as video games, space technologies, automation or robotics. As part of the ARP Games Accelerator, established together with the University of Silesia, teams of young talented people develop video games which the Accelerator helps to commercialise. The game "Weakless" created by ARP Games from Cieszyn won the main prize in the "Game Design" category at the ANIWOW! festival in Beijing.


ARP S.A. has prepared a dedicated programme for the space technology sector. It includes, among others, support for personnel development in the space sector, new business initiatives, promotion of the sector and financial support for companies. An example of Industry 4.0 support by ARP S.A. is also the ARP Innovation Pitch. In the past several editions of the ARP Innovation Pitch, companies from such sectors as: alternative fuels, elimination of harsh substances, surface coating, automation and robotics, combustion technologies, spatial information systems, comprehensive management of operational documentation, software, have participated. In these activities, ARP S.A. cooperated with e.g: PGNiG, PGNiG OD, PGNiG Termika, Grupa Azoty, PSG, PGE, PKP Cargo, Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe "Porty Lotnicze" or Synthos.



ARP S.A. also conducts a project called Network of Open Innovations, i.e. building a network of innovations through activities animating technology transfer between the innovative environment and the sector of Polish SMEs. Under the OIN, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises can receive funds to cover the costs of technology transfer in the field of product or process innovation. Grants finance the purchase of a licence or property rights to an innovative technology.