Leasing machinery and equipment

Are you an entrepreneur and are you looking for a leasing offer for machinery, equipment or technological lines with a long production period?

Use the offer of ARP Leasing sp. z o.o.

What is leasing of machinery and equipment?

  • Also called industrial leasing, it is addressed to entrepreneurs who need support for the purchase of specialist equipment necessary for further development of their companies.
  • Leasing is an ideal offer for small and medium-sized enterprises looking for innovative financial solutions and professional advice. It is an alternative and flexible way of financing, thanks to which it can play an important role in building a competitive advantage for the company.

What distinguishes the offer of ARP Leasing sp. z o.o.?

ARP Leasing sp. z o.o. fills a gap in the market for credit products offered to entrepreneurs with specific technological needs, providing them with many benefits. It can be an alternative or complementary source of financing and also allows purchases to be made without encroaching on own funds.

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Circle in the background
Circle in the background
Benefits of industrial leasing of ARP Leasing sp. z o.o.:

A modern instrument for industry

Finances the purchase of equipment, machinery and technological lines. Fills a gap in the market for financial products, responding to the needs of entrepreneurs.

Financing new technologies

The ability to finance new technologies is the key to success in an internationally competitive environment.

Flexible source of financing

Leasing is a flexible way of financing investments, which is one of the key elements in building a competitive advantage in market conditions.

A chance for dynamic growth

Leasing makes it possible to finance the purchase of fixed assets used in business activities with practically no violation of own funds.

Tax benefits

The company obtains tax benefits by lowering its tax base.

Professional advisory services

It is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies seeking innovative financial solutions and professional advice.

What are the terms and conditions of leasing machines and equipment in ARP Leasing sp. z o.o.?

The commercial leasing contracts offered by ARP Leasing sp. z o.o. allow us to precisely define the assumptions for the management of fixed assets.

The payment schedule and contract duration are adapted to individual customer needs. The term of a lease agreement under standard conditions is a maximum of 5 years. The minimum initial charge is 10% of the net value of the leased asset, while the minimum value of its buyout (after 5 years) is 1% of its value.

Additional benefits

In the operating lease, the net lease instalment reduces the tax base, thanks to which the entrepreneur reduces the income constituting the basis for calculating the income tax. This allows you to demonstrate good business results.

In leasing, the share of the entrepreneur's own funds required may be lower compared to a bank loan. This is due to the fact that the leasing company owns the leased item for the entire duration of the contract. This reduces the transaction risk on the part of the financing party.

Circle in the background
Circle in the background

Additional information:

ARP Leasing sp. z o.o. is a subsidiary of ARP S.A., which was established to concentrate competences and powers to provide leasing services to small, medium and large enterprises. The offer is available at the headquarters of IDA JSC in Warsaw and at Entrepreneurs' Service Centres located in major economic centres throughout Poland.

ARP Leasing sp. z o.o. also supports entrepreneurs affected by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic with special financial instruments dedicated to selected industries within the framework of the Anti-Crisis Shield.

More about the leasing offer on the ARP Leasing sp. z o.o. website and in a specially preparedleasing guide.

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  • an alternative or complement to credit products,
  • financing the purchase of fixed assets without materially affecting own funds,
  • reducing income for tax purposes as an off-balance sheet liability (operating leasing),
  • improving liquidity by releasing frozen funds (leaseback),
  • strategic budget planning thanks to the definition of fixed asset management assumptions,
  • refinancing the costs of purchase of fixed assets in the form of leasing within the framework of EU aid programmes,
  • possibility to purchase new and used fixed assets (after determining their technological usefulness),
  • adjustment of the contract period to individual customer needs (seasonal schedule),
  • a chance of development for enterprises without hard collateral required by banks,
  • a lower share of the entrepreneur's own funds (the leasing company is the owner of the leased asset).