ARP Factoring

Do you have problems with financial liquidity, caused by freezing funds in unpaid invoices? Take advantage of the factoring service offered by ARP S.A.


Factoring is a financial service whereby a factor buys an account receivable from a company (customer) for the sale of goods or services. A company using factoring has the possibility to obtain funds immediately after issuing an invoice.

The factoring offered by ARP S.A. is a non-recourse factoring, which combines two important elements: quick access to funds, which the company may allocate to the development of its activities, and the assumption of the risk of non-payment from the customers covered by the factoring service.

Our factoring is an insured factoring that protects against the insolvency of your buyers and ensures additional verification of your buyers by the insurer.

For whom is it?

  • For companies that provide their clients with products or services with deferred payment.
  • In situations where the lack of timely payments from clients is a barrier to doing business.


How does it work?

The main advantage of factoring is the release of funds frozen in unpaid invoices.

In addition, the company is certain to receive funds immediately after the invoice is issued and can count on the optimisation of the receivables portfolio management process, which means time savings, verification of the credibility of the clients by the factor and appropriate distribution of the commercial risk.

In the case of full factoring, offered by ARP S.A. Factoring, there is also protection against the insolvency of contractors and additional verification of clients by the insurer.



Improved liquidity

Increased liquidity of the company.

Saving of time and reduction of costs

Economy of time and reduction of costs connected with receivables management.


Greater security of cooperation with customers.

Better balance sheet

Relieve the burden on your balance sheet.


Cooperation with proven and reliable entities.

Modern instrument

A modern solution for business.

Companies that can apply for factoring in ARP S.A. are those that:

  • have an annual turnover exceeding PLN 4 million,
  • have been operating for at least 2 years,
  • maintain full accounting records.

The service is available to entities regardless of their industry.