One of the most modern galvanizing plants in Europe will open in Inowrocław

Date of posting: 2022-11-23

Already this month, a modern galvanising plant owned by INOFAMA will be put into operation. The plant, with a volume of 50,000 m3, is equipped, among other things, with a galvanising bath 7.5 m long and 3.5 m deep.

INOFAMA S.A., a manufacturer of steel structures belonging to the ARP S.A. capital group, will open a new hot-dip galvanising plant in Ocynkownia Inowrocław thanks to funds provided by the Industrial Development Agency JSC and with the support of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone.

“For INOFAMA, the new galvanising plant is a strong impetus for development and an opportunity to improve its market position based on modern industrial solutions. ARP's support is not only financial, it is also high-quality management know-how, as well as improving the living comfort of the local community - the modern galvanising plant will have the least possible impact on the environment. INOFAMA's products will be manufactured in the best possible conditions, and the environmental benefits will go hand in hand with high productivity, quality of work and increased production”, said Cezariusz Lesisz, President of ARP S.A.

The galvanising plant in Inowrocław is an important step in the further development of the company's position, which is building an increasingly strong brand among customers of its products and services. The investment contributes to an effective expansion of the company's business activities and thus to the creation of new jobs.

"The investment was made from the very beginning with the aim of improving the living comfort of the residents. Therefore, the building was equipped with acoustic insulation of the walls and a vacuum system to prevent the accidental escape of pollutants into the atmosphere. The hot dip galvanising plant in Inowrocław was built according to the latest technical, technological and organisational standards, which will reduce operating costs, improve the efficiency of the hot dip galvanising plant and working conditions," said Szczepan Ślusarz, President of INOFAMA S.A..

The hot-dip galvanising line in operation so far was built in 1976 with two electrically heated process lines.

The hot-dip galvinizing process at the Inowroclaw galvinizing plant, involves immersing suitably prepared steel components in molten zinc to obtain, through an alloy diffusion process, a metallic zinc coating. The application of anti-corrosion coatings is an environmentally friendly activity, as it extends the service life of steel elements, thus reducing emissions of pollutants into the natural environment during steel production.

INOFAMA S.A. received capital support from the Industrial Development Agency JSC (ARP S.A.) in the total amount of PLN 8 million and benefited from the support granted under the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Sp. z o.o. - it will receive a tax exemption of up to 35% of its expenses under the public aid. The support received will improve the profitability of the investments made and the activities carried out by the company.

Value of general construction works: PLN 13,018,400

Value of works related to the construction of a complete hot-dip galvanising line PLN 11,980,000

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