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Investment loan for SMEs

If you are looking for investment financing, contact IDA JSC You can calculate the loan in a simple and fast way in the loan parameterizer. You can sign the contract in one of the Entrepreneur Service Centres.

Conditions for granting the loan:

  • the loan is intended for investment financing,
  • for companies from the SME sector already having business activity, with turnover exceeding PLN 4 million and having positive results for 2020 (positive EBITDA and net result), keeping full accounting,
  • loan amount from PLN 0.8 million,
  • financing in PLN,
  • market interest rate: WIBOR 1M + margin, according to the margin grid used in the loan parameterizer,
  • preparatory commission from 0.2%,
  • no commission for processing the application,
  • own contribution at the level of 20% of the net investment value,
  • collateral for the loan: mortgage on real estate, other standard securities on tangible assets, accepted by IDA JSC (minimum 120% of the loan amount), use of the support of the Guarantee Funds KGP and additional collateral: blank promissory note with promissory note declaration, statement on submission to execution under Article 777 of the Civil Procedure Code.