Former Prime Minister prof. Jerzy Buzek on a visit to the Industrial Development Agency JSC

Date of posting: 2024-06-20

‘- We will not depart from the European Green Deal. We have international obligations and commitments to future generations,’ Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek said today during a meeting at the Industrial Development Agency S.A. “On the other hand, we are ready for certain deviations, corrections or amendments related to specific actions we are to take, for example until 2030.”

The meeting with the former Prime Minister was attended by IDA JSC President Michał Dąbrowski, Vice Presidents Jakub Dulski, Łukasz Kotapski, Radosław Niedzielski, Krzysztof Michalski, Polish MP Gabriela Lenartowicz, former Secretary of State, now advisor to IDA JSC President Olgierd Dziekoński, Tomasz Zjawiony - Managing Director for Safety, Robert Smoliński - Managing Director for Development and Directors of the Agency's Offices.

‘- The Industrial Development Agency has a hugely important role to play in our country's energy transition,’ stressed Jerzy Buzek, ‘There have been no such big changes so far in terms of how we produce electricity. During my term of office in the European Parliament, I was responsible for the entire hydrogen and gas strategy in the European Union, as well as for electricity. I know that this is a fundamental issue today. Hydrogen energy is supposed to lead us to the point where in the future we will have only 2 energy carriers - hydrogen and electricity.’

Jerzy Buzek also reminded us that we are facing huge offshore investments for which the Industrial Development Agency takes de facto responsibility. In 15, 20 years, the north of Poland will be responsible for the main electricity supply in our country.

During the meeting, Professor Buzek referred to the increasing importance of the military industry. He stressed that when it comes to this sector, Europe is in its infancy and should arm itself within the Atlantic Alliance. It cannot count on either South Korea or the United States.

‘-As a Union, we are embarking on a course of action in which armaments will be an apple in our eye. For the time being, we are not able to produce one million 155 mm shells for Ukraine, while Russia produces such an amount in one month.’

Summing up Jerzy Buzek's speeches, the President of the Industrial Development Agency JSC emphasised: ‘Europe is on a big curve, we know how important the issue of security is. We know how important is the role of companies such as ours, so that this bloodstream called the economy functions well - We strive for the good of our country and its development in the global aspect because today you have to look at the world globally and find your place there.’

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