New investment from automotive sector in Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN in Biskupice Podgerzyce Communeórne, Kobi

Date of posting: 2021-09-15

The Industrial Development Agency JSC has issued a decision on support for the expansion of Universal Scientific Industrial Poland sp. z o.o. The company will invest PLN 100 million in the expansion of its production plant. The investment process was also supported by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency S.A. - the operator of the government grants programme.

- For nearly 20 years we have been supporting companies operating in EURO-PARK Kobierzyce included in the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone. Today it is one of the most modern industrial parks in Poland, where companies from the electromobility industry or production of batteries for electric cars have their headquarters. I am all the more glad that Universal Scientific Industrial Poland, which has been operating in our zone since 2007, is investing in the machinery park and will increase productionsaid Paweł Kolczyñski, Vice President of the Industrial Development Agency.

Universal Scientific Industrial Poland Sp. z o.o. produces for other companies: welectronic and optical equipment, LED lighting, apparatus for radios, TV sets and telecommunications equipment. These products are used, among others, in the automotive industry. Their high quality is guaranteed by testing, based on the proprietary and innovative DFT (Dynamic Functional Test) process. This process is able to detect errors in products at an early stage, before they reach customers.

In the new production plant, in the construction of which USI will invest PLN 100 million, the company will manufacture PCBA and OEM boards (that is printed electronic boards which are an important element in the electronics industry, a support for electronic components and a carrier for electrical connections of electronic components). These boards will be intended primarily for the automotive industry.

- Thanks to excellent investment conditions, which IDA JSC created in EURO - PARK Kobierzyce, several big global and innovative companies, especially LG Energy Solution, have found a place to do business in Kobierzyce. We are particularly pleased with the further investments consolidating the presence of companies in EURO - PARK Kobierzyce and the fact that companies forced by the pandemic to postpone their investment plans are now back on track. Universal Scientific Industrial Poland is such a company said Przemysław Strzelec, deputy director of the IDA JSC branch in Wrocław.

The investment process was supported by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. A government grant was awarded for the reinvestment under a programme operated by PAIH.

- I am glad that Universal Scientific Industrial Poland inaugurates another project in the field of innovation. It is a strategic reinvestment in innovative technologies, which will translate into increasing the production capacity of the plant and consequently strengthening our automotive sector. The products manufactured will be used in the automotive industry. This will open new doors for the company and give it even more opportunities for development. PAIH is approached by innovative companies, which are more and more eager to receive government grants. With them in mind, at the beginning of the year we made significant changes in this support instrument. We can see the effects. The government grant programme simplifies the investment procedure and business development - Grzegorz Słomkowski, Member of the Board of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

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