ARP takes control over Rafamet

Date of posting: 2021-10-15

Industrial Development Agency JSC has called for the sale of 2,276,487 shares in Rafamet S.A., representing approximately 52.71% of its share capital. As of the day of the tender offer, ARP holds 2,042,214 shares in Rafamet, representing approximately 47.29% of the total number of shares. The acquisition is expected to be a long-term investment in the company which will benefit its development.

Obtaining a dominant position over the company will have a positive impact on its development and may positively contribute to building the company's value.

- As a company wholly owned by the State Treasury, IDA provides a guarantee and security for the future development of Rafamet and strengthening its position in the domestic and foreign markets. IDA does not intend to withdraw the company's shares from the regulated market or take any actions aimed at this goal – says Cezariusz Lesisz, President of IDA JSC.

Rafamet Capital Group consists of the parent company Rafamet S.A., Odlewnia Rafamet Sp. z o.o. and two subsidiaries. The company specializes in the manufacture of special machine tools for the machining of railway wheelsets and is a supplier of large-size special-purpose machine tools for customers in the machinery, energy, shipbuilding, steel, aerospace and defence industries.

- Positive conclusion of the negotiations will stabilize the ownership structure of the company, which will translate into its development and presence on new markets. Rafamet is already one of the global market leaders in this sector, exporting machine tools as well as iron and ductile iron castings to clients from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Norway, Italy or Peru – says Mateusz Berger, deputy president of IDA S.A.

The IDA sees a great potential for the development of the company's current activities, as well as for expanding into new areas.

- Expanding the company's scope of activities will require strengthening both financially and in terms of management. IDA is working on a model of optimal financing for further development of the company. We are considering raising capital on the Warsaw Stock Exchange under the Secondary Public Offering - informs Paweł Sułecki, Investment Manager at IDA JSC

The beginnings of the company date back to the mid-19th century, when a small iron foundry was set up, in which bushings for cart and wagon axles were cast. Over time, the factory expanded its operations by producing other products for the railway industry, in particular machine tools, which are now the key element of its business.

In 1992, the company was transformed from a state-owned enterprise into a joint stock company. Since 2007. The Company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

During the whole period of its activity, the Company produced and sold over 5,300 units of machine tools for the railway industry and over 700 units of other large-sized special machine tools for customers from over 80 countries, and the share of exports in total sales is about 70-80%.

Fabryka Obrabiarek Rafamet S.A. from Kuźnia Raciborska is one of the few manufacturers in the world of special machine tools for processing wheel sets of rail vehicles (railway, underground, tramway). The company also carries out orders for individual and large-sized special-purpose machine tools for customers in the following sectors: power engineering, engineering, shipbuilding and metallurgy.

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