ARP S.A. becomes strategic partner of EuroSkills

Date of posting: 2022-04-28

Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. (the Industrial Development Agency JSC ) has entered into cooperation with EuroSkills. Therefore , joining the coalition for the organisation of EuroSkills 2023 in Poland.

Vice President of ARP S.A., Łukasz Gałczyński, signed an agreement with WorldSkills during the European Business Congress, under which the Industrial Development Agency JSC will join a coalition of universities and companies for the organisation of EuroSkills 2023 in Poland.

"The ARP has been supporting various projects aimed at improving vocational qualifications for many years. One example is the Personnel for Industry project, which aims to initiate cooperation between companies from the ARP Capital Group companies and vocational schools. In this way, students learn about professions that are currently in demand, which makes it easier for them to decide on their career development. In return, the companies gain employees. The cooperation with EuroSkills is another step further in the development of human resources in Poland. Together, we want to organise the next edition of the vocational skills Olympiad for pupils and students, thus promoting Polish professionals on the European stage" said Łukasz Gałczyński, Vice-President of the Industrial Development Agency (ARP).

EuroSkills is a part of WorldSkills - the largest international vocational skills Olympiad for students (aged 18-23), involving the most talented young people from 31 European countries.

The winners of the national preliminaries, selected from students of vocational and technical schools and university students (winners of Olympiads and competitions), are eligible to participate in the EuroSkills competitions. The aim of the competition is to encourage young people to improve their professional skills and work closely with employers, as well as to promote vocational schools as an attractive career path. EuroSkills is also an opportunity to promote the latest solutions in vocational education, industry, and crafts worldwide and to build educational and business partnerships.

The Industrial Development Agency JSC runs several programmes aimed at developing human resources, upgrading professional skills, and closing the human resource gap in industry-related sectors.

  1. Human Resources for Industry - The aim of Human Resources for Industry is to create the conditions for long-term cooperation between ARP Capital Group companies and the education sector (technical and vocational schools and vocational training centres).

The companies and the vocational training centres jointly create, among other things, remedial classes, training programmes and organise open classes.

Every year, ARP S.A. organises the conference "Personnel of the Future - Personnel for Industry". During the conference, the current challenges of vocational training and the needs of the industry in this area are discussed. In 2021, conference participants discussed, among other things, why welding is the profession of the future.

  1. ARP Games sp. z o.o. is the only video game accelerator in Poland that provides both content and financial support to young game developers and startups operating on the video game market. The company was founded in 2016 by ARP S.A. and SPIN-US sp. z o.o. - a special purpose vehicle of the Silesian University - and the Poviat of Cieszyn.

The focus of ARP Games sp. z. o.o.'s activities is determined by competitions that take place twice a year and involve teams of video game developers. The developers receive professional support, and the best ones can expect their productions to be published.

Within the Acceleration programme, ARP Games sp. z o.o. provides financial support as well as content and technical assistance. A team participating in the programme can expect to receive a maximum of PLN 20 thousand in funding for their project in the first phase. The total value of support granted under the acceleration programme so far has been over PLN 1,351,000. The teams take part in special company trainings and can also use the company's office space.

  1. The ARP Space Academy is a training course aimed at engineers who want to work in the space industry, as well as at technical personnel with experience in other industries who want to retrain for the space industry.

The training courses teach theoretical and practical fundamentals in various fields of engineering, with a focus on the specifics of space technology. As part of the Space Academy, ARP S.A. organises a two-part training course Introduction to Space for Engineers.

  1. The Month of Industry Leaders is an online conference held under the honorary patronage of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in cooperation with PFR Group companies and selected organisations and state-owned enterprises.

The Industry Leaders' Month is a forum for the exchange of experiences of staff involved in the implementation of projects that implement Poland's new socio-economic goals as defined in the National Plan for Reconstruction and Strengthening Resilience.

Participants took part in lectures, speeches, discussion panels, Q&A sessions, case study presentations and workshops.

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